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Placing a TPH Direct Order.

How to place an order using TPH Direct.

  • Select the "Place Order" option from the top or side TPH Direct menu.
  • Complete all applicable fields. (All required fields are marked with a red asterisk and need to be completed before an order can be placed.)
  • If you do not wish to complete the Optional Details for your order, you can hide them by clicking on the "Hide Optional Details" button.
  • When you are ready to continue with your order, click the "Proceed to File Upload" button.

Uploading your files.

We strongly recommend that you compress your files before sending them to us. This will help to reduce upload time and avoid unexpected errors. On the Mac, you can compress files by double tapping on a folder, and selecting 'Compress' from the context menu. In Windows, on a folder or file, right click, select 'Send to' and choose 'Compressed (zipped) folder.'

  • If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari, click on the "Browse" button to locate the file(s) on your hard drive.When ready, click the "Upload" button. This will complete your TPH Direct order.
  • If you are using Chrome or Firefox, just drag your files off of your desktop and onto the box labeled 'Drop files here to upload.'
  • An order confirmation page will appear with a confirmation number for your records.
  • From the confirmation page you can save your order, cancel your order, or go back to place another order..
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