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How to use the Address Book.

The Address book is a place where you can store and manage your shipping addresses.

  • The Address Book is available from the main "Place Order" page (by clicking "Manage my Addresses"), and on the "My Profile" page (by clicking on the "Address Book" button).
  • To Add a new address to your address book, click on the "Add an Address" button. Complete all necessary fields on the form and click the "Submit" button when finished. It will now appear in your address book as a new Delivery location option.
  • To Edit an existing address, click the "Edit" link in the second column of the table. Make any necessary changes and click the "Save" link. A message will be displayed confirming your action.
  • To Delete an existing address from the Address Book, click on the "Delete" link in the first column of the table. A message will display confirming your action.
  • If your Address Book list does not update automatically, please click on the "Refresh " button.
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