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Placing an Order with Digital Media Services

You can have TPH burn a disc and produce all your disc packaging online. To begin placing your order, log in to TPH Direct. From the side menu, select 'Place Multimedia (CD/DVD) Order' (or from the drop down menu, select 'TPH Direct' and then 'Place CD/DVD Order'.)

  • From the introduction screen, you can download artwork templates that TPH provides (the 'Download CD Templates' link.) You can view our copyright policies by clicking on the link 'Copyright Issues.'
  • When you are ready to place your order, click 'Next'

On the page labeled 'CD/DVD Duplication - Step 2', we need you to provide us with information about the disc being burnt for us.

  • The most important element of this form is the radio button list with the 'These are digital files to be burnt onto a CD', 'This is an ISO 9600 CD image', 'I will courier TPH the disc to be copied', and 'No disc burning required - just printing' options.
  • The ISO 9600 format option lets you send us a disc image, such as one you might create in programs like Toast or Adaptec EZCreator. It is a virtual disc format, and the principle advantage of sending us files in this format is that you will know exactly what the disc's files will look like.
  • If you send TPH digital files in their raw binary format, we will burn them to the root of your disc.
  • If you choose 'I will courier TPH the disc to be copied', we will not need you to upload files, so the 'Number of Files to Upload' dropdown list will grey out.
  • If you choose not to burn a disc, all the form elements other than the 'Copies required' and 'Date Required' will grey out
  • When you have selected all the appropriate options, click 'Next'

In this step, we ask for information about your disc packaging. If you check the 'I don't need to upload any new artwork.' checkbox, you will not need to upload any files.

  • Once your options are selected, click 'Next' to complete your order. A confirmation page will be displayed, and a confirmation email will be sent to you, provided you have your Email address in your TPH Direct profile.
  • Thank you for using TPH Digital Media Services!
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