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1. When placing an order, where can I specify more details?

From the Print Job Details page click on the "Enter More Details" button in the bottom right corner. There you can enter details like Colour, Paper Size, Paper Wieght, Binding and Finishing. You may also use the textboxes provided for any information not already accounted for.

2. Where can I get a quote for a print job?

You may contact your Branch manager for a quote. Click on "My TPH Contact" from the Main Menu and call or email your request directly to your Branch Manager.

3. How do I use the Save and Retrieve features for repeat orders?

When you complete an order you will have the option to save it by clicking "Save This Order". When you need to re-order just click "Retrieve Order" and choose the order you need. The details of the chosen order will show up, allowing you to modify them as required. Complete the order without having to upload any files.

4. What happens to my uploaded files when orders are Saved?

When you save an order, your files are saved too so that you don't have to re-upload them with each re-order. You can still change order details like quantity and delivery options.

5. When I Save orders for future repeat orders, how long will my order be saved?

Orders (and all files associated with the orders) are saved at TPH indefinitely - so long as they are re-ordered at least once every 90 days. Saved Orders that remain inactive for 90 days are automatically deleted.

6. Where can I set my Default TPH Location?

When you registered for TPHDirect, you are asked to choose a TPH Location near you. This location is used as your default producing location for all of your orders - it shows up pre-selected in the Order Details section. To change your default TPH location, click "Update Your Profile" from the Main Menu.

7. Can I have an order shipped to an alternate address?

Yes. Simply type the address into the "Special Instructions for Delivery" textbox and add any delivery details.

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