TPH Corporate Account Application

Thank you for your interest in setting up an account with The Printing House. When you Pay as You Go, the credit card you designate will be charged immediately upon completion of work. You will receive e-mail notification of the payment as soon as it is processed.

Upon submitting this application, we will begin the activation process. You will be notified once your account is active.

Company Information

Authorized Purchaser
Credit Card Information

The Cardholder identified above is authorizing TPH® to charge TPH invoices and interest charges payable on this card. The Cardholder certifies that the information provided in the authorization is correct and he/she will notify TPH of any changes. Charges will apply if any payments are not met due to insuf cient credit limit or incorrect credit card information. The account will be placed on COD in situations where the credit card has been declined or has expired and immediate payment of the amount due is therefore required.

If you require assistance with this application, please email us: